David Levens beats SuperGM Mickey Adams!

In a fantastic performance at a recent simultaneous exhibition match played at Ludorati Cafe, Nottingham, our own Team 1 Captain outfoxed "The Spider" to be the only winner on the day.

A number of West Nottingham players participated in this chance to play the reigning British Champion, just arrived back from the Olympiad at Baku with an unbeaten record on board 1: Jonah Willow, Anita Somton, Taylor Pearson, Adi Munshi, Armaan Gogia, Hambel Willow and Daniel Chen.

All apart from David were defeated (22 wins, 2 draws, one loss), although Jonah missed a draw at the end and had the distinction of being the last player standing!

David's report of the event, including his annotated game, can be viewed on the NCA website.