Adi gets the GM treatment at 4NCL

A number of West Nottingham players attended the FIDE-rated congress in South Normanton, 4-6 October

In the Open, due to unlucky pairings where he only beat 1900s and a 1400 while losing to GM Mark Hebden, Jonah ended up with 3.5/5 and a share of 3rd place with about 10 players! He won £25 but lost 8 FIDE rating points (which are calculated monthly).

Also in the Open, Adi Munshi played well to score 3/5, also only losing to a GM (Keith Arkell). His game with Arkell is featured on the 4NCL website, well worth a look! Armaan Gogia finished on 1.5pts.

In the FIDE-rated Major, Anita Somton started well to be on 2 out of 3, but had to withdraw due to illness overnight. This also meant Somton Ukken withdrew on 1.5/3. Completing the weekend, Lavanya Maladkar scored a creditable 2.5/5 and Vidura Mendis 1.5pts.

Finally, in the Minor section, Joseph Hurst could only play two games but scored a win in round 3. Andrew Watson, Kian Chan and Arjuna Mendis all finished on 1.5pts also.

A list of prizewinners and links to all crosstables are to be found on the 4NCL website.