Lavanya marches on at Leeds Rapidplay

For the second consecutive tournament, Lavanya Maladkar won an England U11 Trial qualifer, this time at the British Rapidplay held in Leeds on Saturday 12th November

Lavanya and Joe with trophyJust like in Nottingham, she stormed through the field in a winning run of 5/5 and beat players much higher graded. As the field was so large, this was actually joint first, so she shares the trophy for six months with Joe Birk.

At the same event, Zayan Baig, Daniel Chen and Kian Chan all scored their second half-norm results and have all qualified for the trial. Joseph Hurst obtained his first half-norm with 3/5.

More details, including pictures of the winners, can be found on the British Rapidplay website.

This is another great result and a positive sign for when Lavanya reaches the trial next April, where West Nottingham will be well represented.