Gigafinalists compete in Midlands and North

For the first time this year, the UK Chess Challenge included a Midlands Gigafinal, meaning our players could decide to travel to Solihull or Manchester to compete.

There was success across both venues. Here is a summary of results, apologies if we have missed anyone, it's hard to check all the results! All scores out of 6.

New this year, top 3 in each section qualify to the Terafinal, to be held in September. Relevant players are marked as qualifed or Ultimo/Ultima if section winners.

U9 Boys
James Golding: 3

U10 Boys
Jonah Tomsett: 4
Charlie Brown: 3.5
Daniel Allsop: 3
Maksim Krasnov: 3
Tomas Matthews-Asensio: 3

U11 Girls
Alexandra Arlachova: 4.5 (Qualified)

U11 Boys
Joseph Hurst: 4
Arjuna Mendis: 4
Joshua Smith: 3
Mankaran Punglia: 3

U12 Girls
Lavanya Maladkar: 3.5

U12 Boys
Kian Chan: 3.5

U13 Girls
Susie Wang: 3.5 (Qualfied)

U13 Boys
Armaan Gogia: 5 (Qualified)
Vidura Mendis: 3

U14 Girls
Anita Somton: 5 (Ultima)
Asta Knight: 2

U14 Boys
Aditya Munshi: 5 (Ultimo)

U15 Girls
Ritika Maladkar: 2

U15 Boys
Jonah Willow: 5.5 (Ultimo)

Good luck to all those who qualified for the Terafinal, and for those who will be playing in the separate Challengers events, for those who scored 4pts in their Gigafinal. Yet again we can proud of all our players competing at such a high level!