Megafinal success for our juniors

The Nottinghamshire Megafinal, held at Nottingham High School on May 20th, was a resounding success for our junior players.

12 months ago the entire event was in doubt, but has been reinvigorated by Alex Longson and Sarah Hegarty, who visited on the day. Here are the winners and qualifiers from our club. Congratulations to them all, and good luck in the Gigafinal in July!


Under 8 Boys
James Golding

Under 9 Boys
Tomas Matthews-Asensio
Daniel Allsopp
Charlie Brown

Under 10 Girls
Alexandra Arlarchova (Suprema)

Under 10 Boys
Joseph Hurst (Supremo)
Arjuna Mendis
James Bowden
Mankaran Punglia

Under 11 Girls
Lavanya Maladkar (Suprema)
Ria Gandhi

Under 11 Boys
Kian Chan (Supremo)
Zayan Baig

Under 12 Girls
Susie Wang (Suprema)

Under 12 Boys
Vidura Mendis (Supremo)
Armaan Gogia

Under 13 Girls
Anita Somton (Suprema)

Under 14 Boys
Aditya Munshi (Supremo)
Thomas Bowden

Under 14 Girls

Ritika Maladkar (Suprema)

Under 14 Boys
Jonah Willow (Supremo)

Under 18 Girls
Hambel Willow (Suprema)