Ritika wins at Doncaster

Ritika Maladkar had a great performance at the recent Doncaster Congress, coming joint first in a strong field.

In a seven-way tie in the Minor Section, she picked up £78.57 for her efforts. She was unbeaten across the five games, scoring 4/5.

Not wishing to miss out, Ritika's younger sister, Lavanya, was joint-3rd on 3.5/5 in the Intermediate section, winning a grading prize of £12.50.

Other West Nottingham players attended this popular event.

In the Open (which was won by ex-British Champion GM Jonathan Hawkins), Anita Somton scored 2/5.

Also in the Intermediate, Vidura Mendis scored 2/5. In the Minor, Joseph Hurst scored 1.5/5, and Kian Chan and Arjuna Mendis finished on 1/5.

It's great to see our young players pitting themselves against mainly adult opposition in weekend tournaments, it's the best way to improve, and the prize money is nice if you can get it! Well done to all, congratulations to Ritika and Lavanya.

A list of all the prize winners and crosstables can be found on the Doncaster Congress website.